Vancouver Recap

May 17th, 2013 . Hayden and I meet up in Victoria, BC ready to take on our big adventure. What better way to start than a monologue at the Metro Intrepid Theater by the one and only Mike Daisey. His two hour piece titled ‘American Utopias’ is an extemporaneous monologue that happened to be on the subject of Burning Man that night. Coincidentally, we are going at the end of our bicycle trip. Hayden had a profound transformative experience there last year (without drugs) and has spent the last year convincing me to go, but I wasn’t difficult to convince. My sweetie went for the first time last year and frequently warns me about the dry, inescapable heat that blankets the hellscape of Burning Man. We grew up in the significantly hotter desert of Southern California… dry heat doesn’t faze us. If you had to run the mile for gym class in 115 degree weather every week, or had outdoor marching band rehearsal in full attire in the dead of summer – you would be a camel too.

May 18th, 2013. After staying the night, we took the Tsawwassen ferry to Vancouver from Victoria.  We decided to explore the boat and noticed a number of men walking around with very snazzy outfits.  We started talking to one of them and found out that we were joined by a mariachi band… and not just any mariachi band.  We talked to their manager for a little bit and found out that a few months previous, she was a judge for an international mariachi competition in Guadelajara, with bands competing from all over the world.  This particular band actually happened to be from the birthplace of mariachi: Cocula, Guadelajara – the birthplace of the music — and won the worldwide competition.

What are the chances?

What are the chances?

After we landed in Vancouver, we relied upon the wonderful public transportation and the wonderful people of British Columbia to transport us back to Hayden’s friend’s place, who graciously let us stay with her for the next few nights. We met up in a beautiful park (which are plentiful in Vancouver), and had a great time at her partner’s very queer, very fun birthday party with very queer, very fun folks.  We crashed pretty hard that night.

There's candy up there!

There’s candy up there!

May 19th, 2013 . We went to another super fun queer party in a super beautiful park with super fun queers for Hayden’s friend’s birthday.  At night, a girl staying with Hayden’s friend was going to see an improv show that her friend puts together and we tagged along.  We were very glad we did.

Intense sweeping romance.

Intense sweeping romance.

Corporate espionage.

Corporate espionage.

Disapproving mother disapproves.

Disapproving mother disapproves.

They were absolutely hilarious.

They were absolutely hilarious and took the gold.

On our way back to the house, we could hear a pleasant, uplifting sound emanating in the distance.  As we got closer, we saw a number of folks in very snazzy costumes… to find that this bar we just so happened to be walking by, at this time it just so happened to be, the very same world-class mariachi band that we met on the ferry was playing right here!  We listened, danced, and filmed (check out the video below!) for awhile before heading back home for the night.

No seriously, what are the chances?!

No seriously, what are the chances?!

May 20th, 2013 . The next day after we got breakfast — at noon —  Hayden made my consumerist dreams come true by getting me some Lululemon pants for my birthday, and my ass looks A-MAZING.  In these pants, they are A+MAZING.  We spent the most of the afternoon plotting our course, scheduling interviews and designing business cards for our trip.  In the evening we interviewed a super cool dude with a super cool project which you’ll be able to read about in the next post!

So that was the Bike Dames’ adventure in Vancouver, with much more adventure to come.  We’ve already experienced such serendipity in a such short time and feel a confirmation that we are on the right track.  We are both excited to see what is in store for us!

We've got this on lock.

We’ve got this on lock.


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