Making Our Way

Hey everybody, Hayden here. My train from LA to Seattle got in a half hour early so I’m just lounging around wishing they had more food options than a vending machine.  Haylee went from Seattle to Victoria on a boat and we’re going to meet up tomorrow.

I just have to say, trains are an amazing way to travel. Not only was my ticket only $100 to go all the way to Vancouver, but the whole time you also have the luxury of not being cramped into little person squares and expected to stay mostly stationary for a few hours. With the seat back, legrest extended and pillow propped I was successfully able to sleep for 7 hours as soon as I sat down, which may be only slightly biased by the fact that I had no sleeps the night before.  I spotted the ocean rolling alongside our window in a few muddled bouts of consciousness, but when I fully woke I was looking at this:


Just beautiful. The next afternoon snaked through the beautiful forests and lakes of central Oregon, along with a pleasant view of Mt. Shasta.

Another super awesome component of train transportation is the ability to socialize. I struck up a conversation with some young adults folding balloon animals and had a wonderful night with a deep sea fisherman, holistic nutritionist mother of five, a mathematician, a painter, a writer for a cannabis magazine, and a guy who is working on Willie Nelson’s new film production company. We wined, dined, shared stories, laughs, life philosophies and had a grand time.

So, definitely going to train travel more often. But first, it’s gonna be a lot of bicycling.


One response to “Making Our Way

  1. Your adventure qualifies without question for the much overused adjective “AWESOME!”. Hats off and cheers to both of you.

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