Getting Ready

Hi y’all,

If you don’t know what’s up with us and what these bike dames are up to, watch this:

So Haylee and I have spent the past few weeks brainstorming, buying tings and bike riding to get ready for our big adventure, but there’s only so much you can do… it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be amazing!  Things we’ve gotten together so far:

Bike Equipment (mirrors, shoes, gloves, new tires, extra innertubes, racks, panniers)
Camping Equipment (tent, airmattresses, sleeping bags, cookware, lights)
Filming Equipment (DSLR camera w/ HD video, tripod, rig, shotgun mic, SD cards, tablet + external hard drives to store footage)
Mental Equipment (unshakable willpower, suspension of disbelief, unyielding openness, gallons of gratitude)

So I think we’re pretty much set.  Really looking forward to experiencing what is waiting for us and sharing it with the world.  Keep an eye on our Facebook for blog updates, use the handy button in the sidebar to subscribe via email, or subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re hip to that jive.

See you soon,

PS – it would be totally extra awesome if you could help fund our endeavor by clicking that donate button over there, too.  We dipped into the red to make this happen but we know it will be worth it!


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